How can I contact you?

You can contact us by email [email protected] or PM.

Skype: live:betterknow

Discord: PROXY KNOW ADMIN#0250

I know nothing about proxies, can I still create one?

Of course, PROXY KNOW covers everything you need to know in detail, no any previous knowledge is required whatsoever.

I have never touched a computer before in my life, can I still create a proxy?

Yes, with PROXY KNOW if you can turn a computer on then you can make a proxy.

Can I use any authentication method I like for my proxies?

Yes, you can use password or IP authentication.

In what GEO locations can I create my proxies?

Any location in the world that has a provider in it, however the cheapest ones are mostly in Europe and USA

What type of controls would I have over my proxies, such as limiting use to certain sites and similar?

In PROXY KNOW Advanced you have complete control such as site limits and speed limits, etc. In PROXY KNOW PROFESSIONAL you have very advanced controls.

The method for creating 40 free proxies, is it similar to the method in the free eBook?

Yes, it’s similar with a twist. If you’ve already used that method you’ll need to start over with this one.

What period is the proxy pricing for?


You list Android as supported OS, can I make a 4G proxy with my android device?


In Advanced version, no, you cannot. You can only use the Android proxy to get a residential proxy from your home connection only. The Android device must be connected to WIFI in order for the proxy to work.

What level of support do you provide?


you get premium 1-on-1 support for 4 months after purchase, this includes help with anything, however we expect you to read the book before asking any questions.

If you face any technical issues, we will login to your RPI/VPS and fix it for you.

For PROXY KNOW Advanced:

All support for the Advanced version is community support in the Discord server.

What are your supported payment methods?

Currently PayPal and Cyptocurrency are supported. We are working on integrating Credit Card.

What’s your refund policy?

 Absolutely no refunds will be issued under any case except if we failed to deliver the product within 3 working days of purchase, in that case you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

If you’re one of those that like to play PayPal games you should read our full refund policy HERE as we have a surprise for you

4G LTE Proxy FAQ:


How does making 4G proxies work?

For PROXY KNOW PROFESSIONAL cost of hardware is around $40/proxy

For PROXY KNOW Advanced cost of hardware is around $80/proxy

This is still much cheaper than paying for 4G proxies which will cost that every single month, and you can’t even guarantee whether they are true 4G or not.

I already own a 4G/3G USB router, can I use it?

Maybe, we can’t say for sure therefor we cannot guarantee it, 4G proxies are only expected to work when using the very specific hardware we specify.

Are the 4G proxies really rotating? And how does it work?


Yes, the 4G proxies are true rotating 4G proxies, the IP will change once every 300-330 seconds, or you can rotate the proxies manual by command.

Rotating the 4G proxy works by a very advanced program we created that forces the 4G dongle/USB router to communicate with the cell tower to fetch a new IP at a specific interval. This took us months of research and development to figure out as it has never been done before, in fact all the delays we faced before releasing PROXY KNOW version 2.0 happened because of issues we faced with the 4G proxies.

4G Proxies in Advanced version are NOT ROTATING.

There’s no 4G coverage where I live, can this still work?

Yes, if you use the hardware we specify you can use 4G, 3G or even 2G, however using anything slower than 3G will result in an extremely slow connection that is likely unusable.

How difficult is it to create the 4G proxy?

Creating the 4G proxy is as simple as getting the hardware together, doing some testing as per the eBook instructions and running our script.