Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you get a discount for whatever you paid for the Advanced version, this discount is valid forever and does not expire.

Of course, PROXY KNOW covers everything you need to know in detail, no any previous knowledge is required whatsoever.

Yes, with PROXY KNOW if you can turn a computer on then you can make a proxy.

Unfortunately we cannot advertise specific use cases as each provider IPs are different.

PROXY KNOW is a tool for you to make your own proxies, whether the proxies will work with a specific service or not will depend on the quality of the IPs you select.

Yes, you can use password or IP authentication.

Any location in the world that has a provider in it, however the cheapest ones are mostly in Europe and USA

PROXY KNOW is one time payment only.The prices of proxies we list such as $0.005 are monthly, so $0.005/Proxy/Month. The prices of the hardware for mobile proxies is also one time since you only need 1 set of hardware for every proxy.

For Professional version you get 1 month of premium support. For Advanced version, all support is community driven in the Discord server. With that said, our Discord is active and our technical support staff is always there, so even after the premium support period expires we can still give you basic help and instructions.

PayPal at the moment, credit card and crypto are coming soon.

Absolutely no refunds will be issued under any case except if we failed to deliver the product within 3 working days of purchase, in that case you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

If you’re one of those that like to play PayPal games you should read our full refund policy HERE as we have a surprise for you

PROXY KNOW download is automated directly after order is complete.

The selling script is a small command line utility where you run a command on the CLI to create a new proxy or a different command to delete the proxy. It can be used with IPV4, IPV6 or mobile/4G proxies.

Mobile Proxy FAQ:

There’s no difference, the terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

A mobile or 4G proxy is any proxy made from a real mobile network maintained by a mobile carrier.

Mobile proxy can mean 4G (LTE) or 3G (HSPA).

There’s no difference, the terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

Example: The Huawei E3372.

Some countries use the term Dongle, and others use the term Modem (Or USB Modem). We use them both interchangeably.

To make 4G proxies you need very specific hardware we specify including a Raspberry Pi and a 4G USB modem. We tested hundreds of different setups to find the best priced with highest consistency and ease of use.

To make the mobile proxies using PROXY KNOW Advanced or Professional, you simply put the hardware together and run our script, which automates the entire process, The whole process takes 5 minutes, but it depends on your connection speed.

We can’t say for sure therefor we cannot guarantee it, 4G/mobile proxies are only expected to work when using the very specific hardware we specify.

Yes, if you use the hardware we specify you can use 4G, 3G or even 2G, however using anything slower than 3G will result in an extremely slow connection that is likely unusable.

Creating the 4G/mobile proxy is as simple as getting the hardware together and running our script. Extremely easy, and support is always available if you need any help.

For Professional Version the hardware costs are $30-$60/Proxy + SIM card price

For Advanced Version: $60-$100/Proxy + SIM card price

The Professional setup is easy to scale.

The Advanced Setup is less scalable.

For Professional Version:

1. Raspberry Pi & Peripherals

2. USB Dongle/Modem


For Advanced Version:

1. Raspberry Pi & Peripherals

2. USB Dongle/Modem

3. Available Ethernet port

4. Ethernet cable

Full Comparison:

Number of Pages
Supported Operating Systems
Linux and Windows
Linux, Windows and Android (Android Not Supported for Mobile Proxies)
Linux, Windows and Android (Android Supported for Mobile Proxies)
Supported Protocols
HTTP(s) Only
HTTP(s) Only
Supports User/Pass and IP Auth
Exclusive IP List
IPV4 Proxies
Bulk IPV4 Proxies
In Depth Explanations and Industry Secrets
IPV6 Proxies
Mobile Proxies
Bulk IPV6 Proxies
Bulk Mobile Proxies
Rotating Mobile Proxies
Shared proxies
Proxy Selling Script & Instructions
Premium Support
Order Basic
Order Advanced
Order Professional

Not sure what version to get?
Get the basic, and you can always upgrade from there, as you get a discount for what you paid.

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